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what is afc?

In 2013, as I sat back and watched a crew of my friends fly a stable of quads, airplanes of all flavours, and helicopters, I thought to myself “What a different group of people who are interested in the same thing”.

I remembered the movies that I had watched as a young boy.  The Blue Max.  Battle of Britain.  The Great Waldo Pepper.

I remembered the comic book, and the stories I would read about the great aces.  The Pioneers of their time.

More importantly I remembered the attitude that had Richthofen paint his plane a bright red.  An attitude that he carried with him in the air.  One of respect, but not afraid to be seen.

A group of individuals with a common interest.  Working together to help each other, but remembering to introduce the beginners to a hobby that was once taught to us.

Ones who have a love of this hobby that lets us put planes in the air. Multi rotors.  Helicopters.  Sometimes we sit back and fly in front of us, perfecting patterns in the air.  Other times we are flying through the camera that is our eyes, wearing goggles to get as close to flying as we can without being in the air.

alpha flying circus is meant to be a few things.

A place to post your content, creating your own pilot that has pictures and video to share.

News related to our hobby, whether it is local, or from around the world.

A collection of help for those who are looking, and a way for us to communicate to each other about where we are flying, or what we just purchased.

It will be a place that is run by the group, for the group.

A place where a lot of different people, from all walks of life, can enjoy something together.

That is our dream for alphaflyingcircus.ca and we welcome you to the squadron.

Feel free to share your opinion, and make this one of the best stopping sites both online, with the goal of creating relationships in person.

More importantly, work together to be the pioneers of our time.  Make sure we enjoy our hobby safely, and pass that information on to others that share in our passion.

Most importantly, yes the cliché, to have fun.

Big huge “smiles on our faces” fun.

Smiles that have blessed me for over 20 years.


Alan Castell – 05/06/2014

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