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Update – June 2014

As June comes to a rainy end, I wanted to throw up some pictures from the last month.
Vision Plus

What a great time I had this month.

As skills increase, the ability to fly in higher wind conditions improves as well.  I would say that Falco is the most regular partner, with Crash and ArrJay coming in close behind.  I have a blast flying with all of these guys,  Even Viper started getting into the action.

Part of the excitement this month was getting ready to launch our online site, alphadrones.ca.

The first shipment of product arrived sooner than expected and part of sales is knowing the product.

A new Phantom 2 Vision + (review done earlier) and a Phantom 2 with H3-3D (review coming) were opened to allow all the guys involved to see/feel/fly them.

So far, we have been nothing but impressed.red river ex setup

This is with all facets of the relationship with our suppliers.

Understand that our love of this hobby and the product is what made all this possible.

The ability to see such beautiful scenery, and accomplish something that most of us have fantasized about all our lives.


Our goal is to provide great product to others that share our passion.  Help them to be successful on the first flight, and all the ones after that.

Back to the fun we had this month.

Well we got the chacub fpvnce to fly around close to the Red River Exhibition grounds.  Fantastic property with lots to see.
We also visited La Barriere Park, south of Winnipeg.

It was here that I debuted the J3 Cub FPV style and Falco got some shots as I enjoyed a quick flight.

This will be getting floats for the July event.

Summer of Sound at Adrenaline Adventures gave us another great place to fly and make new friends who want to learn how to fly as well.vlcsnap-2014-06-25-22h40m49s123 (Medium) vlcsnap-2014-06-25-22h37m59s216 (Medium)

ArrJay and I got to enjoy the Porsche Driving Day in Gimli and you can see some shots we took there.

Consistently we are providing a voice to this hobby.  A positive one.

We are introducing everyone we meet to a fun way that will educate, and thrill.

vlcsnap-2014-06-18-18h28m41s222 (Medium)

If the weather could learn to cooperate, then I am sure that we can get more of the AFC out at the same time.

Don’t forget about our annual event coming up.  July 18-20th, Lac Du Bonnet.  We have some science experiments planned and want to capture a ton of pictures and video to display.

So glad to see how fast we are growing.  That is a testament to all the time spent explaining all the parts that make it work.

Looking forward to the month of July.

Lets see how many members we can add this month.

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