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Quadrysteria Mini Mamba – Review

For those that don’t know, a few members of the circus fly the Quadrysteria Black Mamba.  This is a 370 sized (distance between opposing diagonal motors) quad copter that have a very strong dual plate build that removes vibration by using silicon at selective areas, motor attachment point and where the frames clamp the tubes between them.  IMG_20140826_194229This works very well and the only down side is that the center catches a lot of air, and in windy conditions can have top speed affected in certain directions.  The only way to fly in windier conditions with the KK board (the flight controller) was to turn off self level.

Well last week I received a package from Ron at Quadrysteria.  Ron and I have spoken a lot about a smaller version and he made it happen.  I am proud to see some of our conversations turning into continual refinement of the product.

I decided to build this one a little differently.  I saw no reason other than looks, to run the wires from motor to ESC inside the tubes.  To do this requires 6 new solder points at each corner, and frankly, a pain in the ass.  Also, the more points, the more potential failure points.

Let alone the additional weight.

Instead, I decided to make a straight solder of the wires from motor and ESC.  The reduced the connections to 12, 3 at each corner, with shrink tubing over top.  Quick tip, solder one wire for each motor, and then use a couple of clips to figure out which way the motor spins.  No props of course.  Mark the right wIMG_20140826_193908ires before soldering.  Remember, you swap any two of the three wires to reverse the motor direction.  This lets you position each ESC at the appropriate spot that you have just enough slack.  I then use a loop of velcro to hold the wires tight to the CF Tube.

In my build, I used the Power Distribution board provided in the kit.  This lets you solder your power and ground to one pad, and distribute that power to each ESC.  It also provides 2 x 12 volt (adjustable) outputs for camera, and video transmitter.  This makes for a clean FPV install.

I used the Naze32 Acro board as my flight controller in this build, and couldn’t have been happier.  This 36mm board attaches to the 4 ESC, and a receiver, or in my case a satellite receiver.  This was to keep it light.

The Naze controller requires you to hook it up to a computer and use the google app Base Light. Easy and free download that lets you set the parameters of the board.  This is where you set switches for level modes and adjust settings such as sensitivity and gains.  This is not a good first controller for someone on their first or second quad.  This is a great second board for someone comfortable with setting, channel mapping, and PID settings.

What you do get with this controller is a dialed in, out of the box, controller.

IMG_20140826_193657Now my thrill is flying these small quads FPV.  I like sitting back, and with goggles on, buzzing around a small park, or schoolyard.  Empty of course as safety rules when it comes to our hobby.

This frame is absolutely fantastic.  It is light and strong, and leaves tons of options for cameras, and additional equipment.  I preferred to keep it light and clean and was rewarded with  a fast, and dialed in frame.

I was blasting between round hay bales and locking into an object and then swinging around it, never losing it in the IMG_20140826_193853camera.  Dialed in.  Fast, and with the 250mW video transmitter, I was able to get out hundreds of yards with no problems at all.  This quad can move.  It is quick, handles wind, and on a 3S 1300 gives me about 7 minutes of high powered fun.

I can see the bigger brother collecting some dust as this is just easy to transport, small enough to fly in small parks, and light enough to survive some rough play.  I will be continueing to change and test props as I am looking to get around 8 minutes of high spirited fun.

As an entry into the busy world of mini quads in the 250 mm size, the Mini Mamba is a great addition.  It is different than the others that use two separate frames to provide stabilization to the camera.  The MM does this differently, and in my eyes, stays tighter when doing it.

I highly recommend this new entry.

Look for it on the alphadrones.ca site soon.




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  1. Great review Alan! I just flew six batteries tonight and can’t get enough of this little mini. I still prefer the 6″ x 4.5 FC props best. But did do one flight on the 3-blade 5 x 4.5″ FC props. but just like the command and grab of those 6″.

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