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Lac du Bonnet 2015.2 Sept 4th-7th « Canada's Drone Enthusiast Group | alpha flying circus

Lac du Bonnet 2015.2 Sept 4th-7th

Lac du Bonnet AFC Gathering 2015.2!


flying field

flying field



spirit wood tent

spirit wood tent


across from town

Arrival will be as early as Thursday Sept 3rd early afternoon.

Because we have turned that weekend into a “long weekend” by having Friday off, we will be showing up Thursday afternoon to get some flying in.

The price for the weekend will be roughly 100 dollars.

We are wanting to cover our costs and maybe have some left over to add things like mosquito tents and club chairs to the mix.

For those who have never been, this is what is included:


  • Accommodations/camping space/tent space.
  • We pick up enough food to cover a filling meal for breakfast, lunch, and supper.  We also bring snacks like chips, pepperoni sticks, bottled water, and pop.  This usually means one night we have steak, one will  be chicken and ribs, and the third something new like pork chops or maybe a roast.  Be assured, you will not go hungry.
  • Flying space.  Take a look at last year’s video to see what an incredible spot we have permission to fly at.  Acres of land, a river behind us, and space to stretch your legs if you want.
  • The cabins we reserve are there for those who don’t like sleeping in a tent, or if we have weather that makes that impossible.  There is a large common area in one of them and what can pass as mattresses in case we need to sleep inside.  There is a shower, running water, and a stove and fridge included.
  • A ton of fun!!  We are changing what we do every year but the constants remain.  Formation flying FPV.  Small LED lit drones zipping around.  Larger camera platforms practicing video capture from moving targets to some of the scenery that surrounds us.  Night flying in total darkness with the stars above.
  • ALWAYS SAFE.  Since we are in the business, we want to stay in the business and we want everyone to leave the way they came. Maybe even learning how to extend the life of their equipment by following simple rules.  This hobby is growing which means we need to do our part to help invite new members and pass on our lessons learned.
  • There has been talk of a “boot camp” for potential customers and existing ones.  This of course will come with a fee but will then allow us to teach some theory and get a little more into providing solutions and concepts to allow you to get into the commercial side of things.

Now this is an electric only weekend.  While we love our nitro brothers, campers may not.  Electric allows us to keep the noise levels down.  We are fans of all types flight from multi rotor to airplanes.  Remember, that you need to be competent on the items you intend to fly.  Unless you will be flying alone in an area, we don’t’ want to be around when you start up that large helicopter for the first time.  Safety first.  We are huge fans of FPV (First Person View) and fly in formation with our EZ Stars/Sky Scouts.  We also have small quadcopters that we will be flying low and slow and there is talk of setting up a race course if we have the interest.  This

Send us your suggestions and we can see if we can accommodate.

Depending on attendance, we will be using frequency tags for video so that we don’t have anyone wipe out someone else’s signal.

Maximum pilots that we would have on a weekend would be 25.  We regularly have 12 regulars so space will be limited.  First come first served.


We will be repeating this event again in September but on the long weekend this time.  Since we are masters of technology, since we have internet through our phones, we will have the labour day classic playing for those that love their football.

This will be the first weekend in September, the 4th – 7th which is the holiday Monday.  Again, we will be having the Friday off so expect to see us starting on the Thursday the 3rd around noon to take advantage of the open space.

Contact us to reserve your spot, we will confirm everything that week. We need at least a few days notice to include you in the food/supply calculations. Again the price is approx. $100(all in) and will be locked down closer to the date.

See you on the field!

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