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Can you use drones to make money?

IMG_6880 (Medium)The quick answer.


With permission.

I have had it said to me in the simplest of terms BY TRANSPORT CANADA.

Flying drones is illegal with two exceptions.

1)As a hobbiest.  Obeying safety rules, using a spotter, staying below a certain altitude.  Staying away from airports.  (Why do we have to have rules for obvious things?)  Doing it for the fun of it.

2)With an SFOC.  Special Flight Operators Certificate.  This is a document that you create that you submit to Transport Canada.  It must detail:

623.65(d) Unmanned Air Vehicle
(amended 2003/12/01; previous version)

(1) The following standards apply to the application for and the operation of an unmanned aeroplane, rotorcraft or airship pursuant to CAR 602.41.

(2) An application for a Special Flight Operations Certificate for the purpose of conducting the flight of an unmanned aircraft other than an unmanned free balloon or a model aircraft shall be received by the appropriate Regional Transport Canada General Aviation Office, at least 20 working days prior to the date of the proposed operation or by a date mutually agreed upon between the applicant and Transport Canada.

(3) The following constitutes an application for a Special Flight Operations Certificate for the purpose of operations in paragraph (1) above:

(a) the name, address, and where applicable, the telephone number and facsimile number of the applicant;

(b) the name, address, and where applicable the telephone number and facsimile number of the person designated by the applicant to have operational control over the operation (Operation Manager);

(c) method by which the Operation Manager may be contacted directly during operation;

(d) the type and purpose of the operation;

(e) the dates, alternate dates and times of the proposed operation;

(f) a complete description, including all pertinent flight data on the aircraft to be flown;

(g) the security plan for the area(s) of operation and security plan for the area(s) to be overflown to ensure no hazard is created to persons or property on the surface;

(h) the emergency contingency plan to deal with any disaster resulting from the operation;

(i) the name, address, telephone and facsimile numbers of the person designated to be responsible for supervision of the operation area (Ground Supervisor), if different from the Operation Manager during the operation;

(j) a detailed plan describing how the operation shall be carried out. The plan shall include a clear, legible presentation of the area to be used during the operation. The presentation may be in the form of a scale diagram, aerial photograph or large scale topographical chart and must include at least the following information:

(i) the altitudes and routes to be used on the approach and departure to and from the area where the operation will be carried out;

(ii) the location and height above ground of all obstacles in the approach and departure path to the areas where the operation will be carried out;

(iii) the exact boundaries of the area where the actual operation will be carried out;

(iv) the altitudes and routes to be used while carrying out the operation;

(k) any other information pertinent to the safe conduct of the operation requested by the Minister.

In other words, you need to show that you know what you are doing.  With no room for error.  You need to know what to do if you have a fly away.  Who do you phone.  What times and what people will be involved.  All pertinent questions.

This means that if you are a farmer, and want to look over your land, that you need to apply.

They are very good at giving you permission if you show them that you have all bases covered.  Plan for 4-6 weeks to hear back.

The fines are not worth messing with, and neither is the risk to others.

We are all responsible for knowing the law, and knowing the risks involved.

If you plan on using a UAV to take pictures of real estate, and you are a real estate person, that is commercial.

If you film a wedding.  That is commercial.

Flying in a beautiful place that you have permission to fly in, well that is a hobby.  That is for fun.

If there is interest in discussing, then we can start up a forum on this topic and continue there.


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  1. So, in other words, yes, but not worth all the red tape, hassle and hoops!…just to get a few unique shots for a wedding or real estate to help subsidies you “hobby” ….

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