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My take on the 777 passenger jet being filmed by a drone in Vancouver.

Here it is.  The infamous video that media were showing as an example of dangerous behavior.  It seems that extra attention is being placed on RPV’s (remote piloted vehicles) and this example is one that has been exaggerated on both television, and print. Now I have looked […]

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What a fantastic day to fly. May 15 2014

Today was one of those days where things fall into place. The wind started to die around noon, and most of my work was done. Being a principal in a company does have it’s advantages, as well as the late nights and long days that are the […]

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How do YOU get started?

It seems overwhelming.  I remember my first few weeks of building a plane from a bunch of parts and then hoping I had measured correctly, and that my limited soldering skills would hold up.  Today, you have so many options, which might make it even more complicated. […]

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Today was one of those days that this hobby was meant for.

Even though the winds were gusting, the sun was out.  Probably the nicest day of the year to date.  We had a few hours before the Bruins game that evening, and a few gusts could be challenging. Once we started to unpack at the field, I couldn’t […]

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Thanks to the SATS|SHARP groups at Shaftesbury High School.

A few weeks ago I had the chance to reach out to some of the teachers of the SATS || SHARP group at Shaftesbury High School.  SATS is the acronym for Shaftesbury ARISS Telebridge Service.  SHARP stands for Shaftesbury High Altitude Robotics Project which is essentially their flying […]

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So where did this all start?

One of the questions I get asked the most when people either see the stable of aircraft in our hanger, or encounter us out flying in a park, is “How did you get into this?” Thinking back, it probably started when I was very young, and able […]

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