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Quadrysteria Mini Mamba – Review

For those that don’t know, a few members of the circus fly the Quadrysteria Black Mamba.  This is a 370 sized (distance between opposing diagonal motors) quad copter that have a very strong dual plate build that removes vibration by using silicon at selective areas, motor attachment […]

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Bruce is coming out to FLY!!!

Later this evening, come out to check out the amazing Bruce and his red alby! This is a shout out to all member that we are flying this evening, around 7pm. We’re meeting at the ‘west perimeter’ spot. Ask for directions!

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Lac Du Bonnet

We’re here. Back to the place that brings us all a lot of peace.  Part of Manitoba that is filled with spots that have never been seen from above. As usual, Falco and I were the first ones out here.  Same ritual.  Small Chinese food restaurant called […]

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Can you use drones to make money?

The quick answer. Yes. With permission. I have had it said to me in the simplest of terms BY TRANSPORT CANADA. Flying drones is illegal with two exceptions. 1)As a hobbiest.  Obeying safety rules, using a spotter, staying below a certain altitude.  Staying away from airports.  (Why […]

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Update – June 2014

As June comes to a rainy end, I wanted to throw up some pictures from the last month. What a great time I had this month. As skills increase, the ability to fly in higher wind conditions improves as well.  I would say that Falco is the […]

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DJI Phantom 2 Vision + Review

Soon to be public, there is a new site coming that will be bringing best of market to Canadian consumers.  All tolled, there are nine of us that have a part of a company called alpha drones inc. That company will be bringing products from manufacturers that […]

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My take on the 777 passenger jet being filmed by a drone in Vancouver.

Here it is.  The infamous video that media were showing as an example of dangerous behavior.  It seems that extra attention is being placed on RPV’s (remote piloted vehicles) and this example is one that has been exaggerated on both television, and print. Now I have looked […]

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What a fantastic day to fly. May 15 2014

Today was one of those days where things fall into place. The wind started to die around noon, and most of my work was done. Being a principal in a company does have it’s advantages, as well as the late nights and long days that are the […]

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How do YOU get started?

It seems overwhelming.  I remember my first few weeks of building a plane from a bunch of parts and then hoping I had measured correctly, and that my limited soldering skills would hold up.  Today, you have so many options, which might make it even more complicated. […]

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Today was one of those days that this hobby was meant for.

Even though the winds were gusting, the sun was out.  Probably the nicest day of the year to date.  We had a few hours before the Bruins game that evening, and a few gusts could be challenging. Once we started to unpack at the field, I couldn’t […]

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